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Barn Hand Description

General Overview & Responsibilities

Barn hands will work with a herd of 10-18 horses in a barn/ranch setting. Barn hands may be scheduled independently without other staff or volunteers onsite. Responsibilities include cleaning stalls, turnout pens, water barrels, and barn aisles. Barn hands may also move baled hay and feed the horses. Horse handling is required as horses will be moved to/from turnouts and stalls. Barn hands may also be responsible for locking up the facility prior to departure from the property. Overall responsibilities include scheduled care of the facilities and horses as directed by the specific job list.


This job is dirty, dusty, and requires physical stamina. Barn hands must demonstrate the fitness required to work effectively in all aspects of the job. The individual must demonstrate a professional attitude at all times, work independently with initiative, and be able to receive constructive feedback. Horse experience is required. Barn hands will be required to work outdoors in the elements and may be subject to wind, rain, cold, and excessive heat.

Work Hour

During the active ride year, assigned job duties are to be performed within the allotted 4-hour shift. A variable number of horses transition offsite during the summer months for respite. During this timeframe, barn hand shift hours are reduced.


Depends on experience.

To be considered for this position, please email your resume to

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