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Thank you for considering Horses Help for your horse’s next career!

Working in a program that provides various Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies is a difficult job and not every horse is suitable for this type of program. Therapeutic program horses may participate in up to three lessons a day and will most likely be used four to five days per week. The programs at Horses Help are less athletically strenuous on horses than some forms of competitive riding…but the herd still needs to be in good shape and able to work on a consistent basis. Due to the national events Horses Help hosts, the range of clients served, and quality of programs provided, high standards are maintained for the horses used in the programs.

Potential Horse Requirements:

  • Sound at the walk, trot, and canter
  • Excellent ground manners
  • Well trained under saddle (formal training in a dicipline is required)
  • Ability to comfortably and safely carry 15-20% of their body weight under saddle
  • Difficult to startle or spook
  • No major health issues and up to date on vaccinations, deworming, dental, and farrier
  • Sight in both eyes

Photography by Robert Dawson

As part of the Horses Help Herd your horse will receive…

  • Feeding three times daily
  • Turn out 15+ hours per week
  • Groomed 1 or more times per day
  • Walked and/or exercised 3+ days a week (in addition to warm-up and class time)
  • Lots of love from volunteers, staff and riders!

It is very important that each horse brought into the program is happy being a part of the program. Holding a job as a therapeutic riding or hippotherapy steed is not the best fit for every horse. See below for detailed steps to donate a horse to Horses Help.

Steps to Donating a Horse

1. Read Donation Process 
2. Fill out Horse Profile For Potential New Herd Member and return to Horses Help
3. If horse is a potential match for our program, we will schedule an on-site evaluation
4. Provide a letter from your veterinarian stating that your horse is healthy and sound for Equine Assisted Activities and is current on vaccinations.
5. The horse comes on trial for 90 days (this may be a few days after the on-site evaluation or we may put your horse on our waiting list)
6. Owner receives Donation Letter if horse is accepted into the program by Horses Help

Horses Help always gives the Donor of the horse first right of refusal when it is time for the horse to retire from the program.Questions? Contact the Equine Director at


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