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I first learned about Horses Help through the Boy Scouts, completing my Eagle Scout project with them. During that time, I had the opportunity to witness what Horses Help had to offer. The volunteers and staff had a genuine passion for their work that was reflected on the faces of those they helped. It has been almost three years since I began volunteering, and I have loved every minute.


While I started as a Barn Buddy, pushing wheel barrels to the summit of our manure pile, I was soon asked to be a sidewalker and coach. While it was a tough decision to give up sinking ankle-deep into well-digested hay, I am glad I took the opportunity to work directly with our riders because it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I've been fortunate to work with several clients continuously over the years, getting to know them and their families. 

Besides our riding and horsemanship classes, I also participate in our summer programs, our booths at the art and wine festivals, Barn Bash, and the Arabian Horse Show. Being a connoisseur of wine, you can expect to see me at the Heritage Square Art & Wine Festival in January. While I enjoy my time with my riders, working alongside the other volunteers and staff members to further the incredible work done at Horses Help has been a wonderful time.


While I have given a lot of my time to Horses Help, I feel I have been the one to benefit most. My riders have taught me to live in the moment, and I've been truly privileged to share in their joy and smiles as they achieve their goals.


Thank you Erick for your dedication to Horses Help!

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