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Family H.E.R.D.

The Family H.E.R.D. Experience


Honor. Emotion. Respect. Devotion.


  • Enjoy a unique, fun horse experience with the entire family*

  • Spend quality time together while interacting with horses and learning horsemanship skills in an unplugged environment.

  • Create lasting memories by exploring family dynamics through the eyes of a horse

  • No prior horse experience needed


* Suitable for small or large families and extended     family members

   Children must be 7 years old



The following experiences offer quality family time, team building, challenges, activities and face to face time with our horses:

Ride for the Brand

This 2 hour recreational experience offers the initial opportunity for families to join our herd at Horses Help.  Have fun creating lasting memories while learning about horses and each other.  Your family will also build a rustic family take home gift.



  • How horses communicate

  • Different forms of communication

  • Herd dynamics

  • Building rapport with horses

  • Understanding the horses’ perspective

Talk Less, Say More

This 1 hour recreational experience with our Horses Help herd continues family fun!  Families enjoy learning about herd dynamics, communication and each other.



  • Herd hierarchy

  • The stallion and Alpha Mare

  • The importance of observation

  • To build rapport with horses

Know Where to Draw the Line

This 1 hour recreational experience focuses on establishing and maintaining boundaries with horses as you lead our horses through obstacle mazes.   



  • The importance of boundaries

  • How to establish a boundary

  • Set healthy boundaries with horses

  • Understanding natural consequences

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

  • Is prior horse experience needed?

       Not at all!  No horse experience necessary to enjoy the Family HERD program.

  • Are there any family size restrictions?

       If your family is larger than 6, please call us so we can make accommodations.


  • Can a family of 1 participate?

       The benefits of the Family HERD program are best when shared, so bring a friend.

  • Are there any age restrictions? 

       The Family HERD program is open to anyone ages 7 to 99.

  • How much does it cost?  

       Prices vary based on the experience, call us for details.

  • How do I sign up? 

       Call us to schedule your experience.


  • When do the experiences take place? 

       Dates and times vary, call us to determine what works best for your family.


  • How much horse interaction is there?

       Plenty!  You will go home smelling like a horse :)

  • What should I wear?  

       We recommend long pants and boots. 

  • Don’t have boots? 

       That’s OK.  All participants must wear close toed shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty.

  • Is riding part of the program?  

       No, this is a groundwork based program only.

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