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Why be a Horse Sponsor?

Horse Sponsors help to provide the necessary funding to keep the wonderful herd happy and healthy. On average, it costs approximately $2500 each year to provide food and bedding along with dental, veterinary, and hoof care. In addition to the finances required to provide the necessities to keep them healthy and fed, there is also the cost of manpower hours to exercise, groom and care for the herd. Horse Sponsorship’s are very important as they help to support the backbone of all programs: the wonderful therapeutic riding and hippotherapy horses (and ponies!)



Horse Sponsor Opportunities

General Horse Sponsor- $5+
Choose amount you wish to donate by changing the value in the box to the right of this selection. 
Perfect for individual or monthly donations less than $20

One time or monthly donation

Feed Sponsor- $25
A Feed sponsor will provide one bag of Renew Gold per $25 donated. Each bag will last one horse approximately 1 month. 
One time or monthly donation

Farrier Sponsor- $75
A Farrier Sponsor will provide one farrier service to a horse. Each horse requires a farrier visit every 6-8 weeks (6-8 visits a year).
One time or monthly donation

Vet Sponsor- $125
A Vet Sponsor will help to provide one of our horses with much needed dental care, body work and routine veterinary care. Most horses need dental work 1-2x per year, body work every 2-3 months, and routine care twice a year.
One time or monthly donation

Want to support Horses Help horses in a big way? Become a Leveled Horse Sponsor

Diamond Sponsor- $2500/year or $208.40/month
Gold Sponsor- $1000/year or $83.40/month
Silver Sponsor – $500/year or $41.70/month
Bronze Sponsor- $250/year or $20.80/month

*Monthly sponsors= Leave value in box to right for the monthly payment amount and select ‘Monthly’ when you check out
*One Time Yearly sponsors= Put in yearly donation value in box to right and select ‘Once’ when you check out

*Contact Equine Manager ( for more details on Sponsor Packages


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