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Name: Apache
Year of Birth: 1999
Breed: Paint
Color: Tobiano
Bio: I was donated to Horses Help in 2016 by Averie Clare.  Before joining Horses Help, I spent my days out on trails for recreational riding.  My best four-legged friends at Horses Help are Belle and Jessie.

RY 2017-2018 Diamond Sponsor: The Pachter Family,  honoring Trystan’s Equine Assisted Learning experiences and his equine specialists, Kerri Sorensen & Kassandra Bullcreek


Gold Sponsor:
Bob and Pam Serr



Name: Buddy
Year of Birth: 2001
Breed: Morgan cross
Color: Bay
Bio: I was donated to Horses Help in 2015 by someone near and dear to the Horses Help family –
Cindy Ramsey, the founder of Horses Help! I have a beautiful dark coat that is often mistaken for black, but I am actually bay in color. I love to be groomed and am very friendly. I am so laid back that I often have birds perched on my rump while I stand napping in my stall.

RY 2017/2018 Gold Sponsor:
Collette and Brian Deagle

Bronze Sponsor:
Cindy Schupp


RY 2016/2017 Sponsor: Dan Hinkson


Name: Caspar
Year of Birth: 2000
Breed: Quarter Horse
Color: Gray
Bio: I was donated to Horses Help in 2014 by Jennifer Petorella. I had an earlier career as a lesson horse in both English and Western riding. Riders love my quiet presence and my long, smooth stride. I am easily recognized by my beautiful gray coat and lovely silver mane and tail.

RY 2017/2018 Gold Sponsor:
Annette Godfrey

Bronze Sponsor:
Chris & Michelle Kiley


RY 16/17 Sponsor: Erma Brackin


Name: Dean
Year of Birth: 1997
Breed: Haflinger
Color: Chestnut
Bio: I was donated to Horses Help by the Larsen Family in 2011. My short, wide build and smooth gaits make me a great match for riders who require a little extra stability. I am very flexible and have been known to execute yoga poses while trying to reach grass beyond the fence line of my stall. I am curious, outgoing, and also pretty stylish! You may see me with a mohawk…or maybe with no mane at all!

RY 2017/2018 Diamond Sponsor:
Erma Brackin

Bronze Sponsor:
Deanna Banks
Eric and Jane Hagberg

“2017 PATH Intl. Region 10 Horse of the Year”

RY 2016/2017 Sponsors: Erma Brackin, Deanna Banks


Name: Doc
Year of Birth: 1999
Breed: Quarter Horse
Color: Sorrel
Bio: I joined Horses Help in 2015 on lease from Tiffani Rose. Before my career as a therapeutic riding horse, I enjoyed trail riding. I am extremely affectionate and am always eager to make new friends. I love being groomed and really enjoy ground work exercises.

RY 2017/2018   Diamond Sponsor:
Dr. John Bohnert

Bronze Sponsor:
Chris & Dan Richardson


Name: Harriet
Year of Birth: 2003
Breed: Grade
Color: Silver Dapple
Bio: I joined Horses Help in 2015 with the help of a generous benefactor, Darin Grenier. I had an earlier career as a recreational trail horse. Around the barn I am recognized for my gentle, accepting nature and for my stunning darkly dappled coat.

RY 2017/2018 Diamond Sponsor:

RY 16/17 Sponsor: Diane Rousseau


Name: Jessie
Year of Birth: 1994
Breed: Quarter Horse
Color: Sorrel
Bio: Before joining Horses Help in 2015, I worked on a cattle ranch in Northern Arizona. I am a very kind and gentle horse with an incredibly sweet disposition. I love to be groomed and scratched on my neck, shoulder and rump. I’m also very curious and enjoy checking out new obstacles and toys. I was generously donated by Ellen Saucier.

RY 2017/2018 Sponsor


RY 2016/2017 Sponsor: Erma Brackin


Name: Joey
Year of Birth: 2009
Breed: Gypsy Vanner
Color: Pinto
Bio: I was donated to Horses Help by the Mansfield family in 2013. My flashy good looks draw attention wherever I go. I may look fancy but don’t let my feathered legs fool you. I love rolling in the dirt and taking long naps in the morning sunshine. Another surprising fact about me is that I love to swim. Yep, take me to a lake or river and I will happily dive right in!

RY 2017/2018 Diamond Sponsor:
Sue and Dan Kelly

Gold Sponsor:
Collette and Brian Deagle

Bronze Sponsor:
Deanna Banks


2016/2018 Sponsors:
Sue & Dan Kelly, Erma Brackin, Deanna Banks


Year of Birth: 2013
Breed: Gypsy Vanner
Color: Pinto
Bio:  I was awarded to Horses Help as part of the Lexlin Ranch Gypsy Gift Challenge in 2015.  I am very social, and love to say hello to everyone that stops by my stall. Fun fact: I am the youngest member of the Horses Help herd.

RY 2017/2018 Diamond Sponsor:
Sue and Dan Kelly


RY 2016/2017 Sponsor:
Sue & Dan Kelly

Mr. Brooks

Name: Mr. Brooks
Year of Birth: 1999
Breed: Thoroughbred
Color: Chestnut
Bio: I joined Horses Help in the fall of 2017 on lease from Shelby Hoffman.  Before my transition to therapeutic riding, I had quite a successful and winning career on the local hunter/jumper circuit.  At Horses Help, volunteers and clients enjoy my friendly nature.  I definitely live up to my official moniker, Social Butterfly.  My favorite daily pastime is engaging in some mutual grooming with my friend and neighbor, Buddy.

Fun fact: I am the tallest horse in the herd, standing at an impressive 17.2 hands.

RY 2017/2018 Diamond Sponsor:
Peg Bohnert


Name: Shadow
Year of Birth: 2001
Breed: Quarter Horse
Color: Bay
Bio: I joined Horses Help in early 2016 on lease from Jan Hancock. I have a background in reining and I also worked as a lesson horse for western riders. Now I enjoy developing friendships with a wide variety of riders in the Adaptive Riding program at Horses Help. I have become an instructor favorite thanks to my patient, willing nature. When not in classes, I can be found hanging out with my best pal, Doc.

RY 2017/2018 Silver Sponsor:
Jan Hancock

Bronze Sponsor:
Richard Negri


RY 16/17 Sponsor:
Mary Katherine Glimpse


Name: TJ
Year of Birth: 2000
Breed: Missouri Fox Trotter
Color: Bay
Bio: I was donated to Horses Help in 2017 by Carl and Maryann Olen.  I had a previous career as a trail horse and have traveled all over the southwest for trail rides.  At Horses Help I really enjoy my corner stall where I can watch all of the action and visit with people as they pass by.

Fun fact: As a fox trotter, I am the only gaited horse in the Horses Help herd.

RY 2017/2018 Bronze Sponsor: Lisa Vella


*On Trial: in the event an On Trial horse is not fully accepted into the program, your sponsorship may be transferred to another herd member.

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