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Volunteer Spotlight

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I have to admit that initially I was drawn to Horses Help for a very selfish reason – I needed a “horse fix”.  It didn’t take long (minutes?) to realize that what I really wanted was to do anything I could for these magnificent horses and this amazing organization.  What a wonderful team that works together to ultimately provide support for all those they serve.


A year ago, I started at Horses Help as a barn buddy, primarily cleaning water troughs and barrels to help keep the horses interested in staying hydrated.  I discovered it was a great workout for me, and, what a joy to see the horses head right over to get a drink from their refreshed water.  I expanded to helping with classes as a side-walker and horse lead. Horse handling, grooming, and tacking soon followed. Lucky me!


It's been a great year of getting involved in so many activities that ultimately benefit Horses Help.  From helping with onsite events such as the riding classes, the Barn Bash and teen volunteer supervision, to helping in the Horses Help booths at the Cardinals stadium, a wine and beer festival, the Western Saddle Club, and the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show, I couldn’t be happier. What a great way to get to the Super Bowl and behind the scenes at the Arabian Show while at the same time benefiting Horses Help.


The Horses Help employees and other volunteers that I work with are such a great group. I have been so blessed to have this opportunity to give back to such a worthy cause.  And, I LOVE to get my regular “horse fix”.  In my opinion, there’s little better in this world than the smell of a horse!

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