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"Michel started Equine-assisted Learning in the fall of 2023. And he loves it so much, he talks about his horse, Bon Bon all the time. How he cares for Bon Bon, how he grooms and is gentle with him.


 Learning to have a relationship with Bon Bon has been such a wonderful experience for Michel. He doesn't have a lot of friends within his age group, and it is so important for us that he learns to bond with others without worrying about bullying and being mocked for his differences. 

 He is applying what he learns at EAL in his everyday life. For example, the other day we were talking about grooming and caring for

our bodies, and he went on to explain why it is important without me having to explain. He is also helping to care for his baby brother by being gentler and helping to care for his physical needs.


And the most important way that EAL has impacted Michel would be with his behaviors and emotional regulation. Being around Bon Bon helps Michel relax and be himself without worrying. When he walks Bon Bon, he does so with confidence, excitement, and focus! It's such a joy to watch him be himself again! So thankful for Melissa, Sandra, and Tutti, who have started him on this journey!"

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