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Horses Help, fall 2017, is launching a new program titled “Operation Unbridled” for those who are past or present military, police or fire personnel.  Operation Unbridled offers a time of comradery where participants can learn and hone the art of horsemanship.  PATH Intl. Certified Instructors and well-trained horses will provide a unique outdoor equine centered activity that is offered in a welcoming and relaxed environment.  Those participating in Operation Unbridled may choose to attend for differing reasons such as:  discovering a new hobby, decompressing from the job or reconnecting with horse related activities. Operation Unbridled is a groundwork only program that focuses on teaching safe, quality horse handling skills ranging from grooming and leading through trail course obstacles to ‘desensitizing’ horses to various objects.  As horses are innately responsive to body language and tone of voice, participants will also practice verbal and non-verbal communication with their equine team member.  For several years Horses Help has offered a program geared towards the military community but as the military and first responder communities are often closely intertwined, the facility has expanded services to now offer Operation Unbridled.


Enrollment Information:

1.   Contact Horses Help for Participant Application (
Please note that you will need to provide one form of proof of past or present service with military/fire/police
agency with your application.

2.  Mail, Scan/Email, or drop off your Application:
Physical Address: 2601 East Rose Garden Lane Phoenix, AZ 85050
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 71005 Phoenix, AZ 85050

3.  Once Horses Help receives and reviews your completed application, we will contact you to finalize your

Cost: Operation Unbridled is offered at a very minimal cost to the participant: $30 per Session (5-6 week block of classes). This program is valued at over $250 per participant per Session but has been offset by grants, private donors, and community support.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Who can participate in Operation Unbridled?

A: This program is open to past and present military, fire, and police personnel. Operation Unbridled classes are group classes but all participants will be of the public servant background.

Q: Can your family attend class with you?

A: The weekly class is only for the military, fire or police personnel. However, Horses Help will host regular family events where participants can bring out friends and loved ones to the facility.

Q: Who teaches Operation Unbridled?

A: PATH Intl. certified instructors who are also familiar with and/or part of the military, fire, or police community. Although volunteer support is rare in this particular class, any individuals who may assist in this program are carefully vetted and typically have ties to the specific groups served in this program.






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