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Welcome Back To Class!

We are excited to start a new program year and have you as a returning volunteer! Please review the volunteer calendar and sick & media policy in addition to taking the refresher quiz that applies to you. 

General Safety Refresher:

Welcome back!  We are excited to have your support at Horses Help this fall.  It's time to revisit our general safety protocols as we get back into the swing of things for the new program year.  Please start by viewing the General Safety Refresher PowerPoint and completing the General Safety Refresher Quiz.  


Level 1 Refresher Training:

Thank you for joining us for another fun-filled program year at Horses Help!  View the level 1 refresher PowerPoint presentation and complete the level 1 refresher quiz to brush up on your coaching and side walking skills.  We look forward to seeing you back in the arena!


Level 2 Refresher Training:

Hello Horse Handlers!  Thank you for assisting with adaptive program horse prep and/or adaptive horsemanship this fall.  Please revisit our HH horse handling methodology by viewing the level 2 refresher PowerPoint and completing the level 2 refresher quiz.  


Level 3 Refresher Training:

Back in the saddle again!  Thank you for sharing your time and talents with us for another season of adaptive riding at Horses Help.  Please view the level 3 refresher PowerPoint presentation and complete the level 3 refresher quiz to review our horse leading methodology.  


Barn Buddy Refresher Training:

Thank you for your hard work in the barn!  Our horses love their barn buddies!!  Let's start this new program year with a review of barn buddy safety and protocols.  Please view the barn buddy refresher PowerPoint and complete the barn buddy refresher quiz. 

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