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A premier accredited therapeutic and recreational agency that serves the special needs population through a unique collaboration of horses and people. 

 Horses Help  


Our Mission

Horses Help serves the special needs and at risk community by using horses and people to improve quality of life.

Our vision for the future is to provide the special needs community a therapeutic and recreational equine environment where collaborative efforts of like minded organizations and volunteers can work together to design, construct and implement unique animal assisted opportunities maintaining the highest industry standards, while providing professional development of its participants, therapists, instructors, staff and volunteers, ensuring growth and diversity of the organization for years to come.

About Us

We provide therapeutic and recreational horsemanship opportunities to children and adults with physical, cognitive, and behavioral challenges, including the at-risk and military populations. Our programs and services are enhanced and supported by 200 weekly volunteers and 18 uniquely qualified therapy horses. Horses Help has been improving the quality of life for our participants for 34 years.


Make A Change

Horses Help offers a number of ways to get involved and help both our Center and participants succeed. From marketing, to groomers, to veterinary assistance and help in our Tacks Fifth Avenue store, there are positions for all ages. We also promote group and team-building events.

Let’s make a change together!

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