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Copy of Horses Help is a premier accredited therapeutic and recreational agency that serve


"Micheal started Equine-assisted Learning in the fall of 2023. And he loves it so much, he talks about his horse, Bon Bon all the time. How he cares for Bon Bon, how he grooms and is gentle with him...the most important way that EAL has impacted Michel would be with his behaviors and emotional regulation. Being around Bon Bon helps Michel relax and be himself without worrying. When he walks Bon Bon, he does so with confidence, excitement, and focus! It's such a joy to watch him be himself again!..."



"In her quest to learn more ground skills with her horse Shadow, Diana has learned what it means to demonstrate respectful communication when leading Shadow in the arena. Diana’s new approach to communicating with Shadow is expressed with a variety of techniques now which has taught her how to be resilient and patient with her horse. Diana is very creative with her grooming techniques and Shadow appreciates their relationship!"


"Sophie has been working with Belle for the last two sessions and is learning how to demonstrate respect and healthy boundaries through communication. Sophies parents have expressed their hopes for more pictures of Sophie which has been a family goal for years. Sophie was apprehensive her first session to take any pictures but with time she has blossomed during her time with Belle and agreed to proudly pose for a photo."



"As a mother, you hope and pray every day your child feels loved, confident, and empowered to do anything. Now give this same child a disability limiting their communication and physical abilities. This child is challenged to do the things that come so easy to others. NOW IMAGINE for one hour each week this child gets to feel like they can do anything . Thanks to Horses Help, our daughter feels that confidence, empowerment, and she smiles big knowing how loved she is. Thank you, Horses Help! Thank you to all the volunteers and our wonderful therapist! Biggest thanks to KC who takes such great care of Ella when she rides him."


"Alice is an animal lover to her core and has always wanted to ride horses, but because of her cerebral palsy, physical activities can be challenging. Horses Help has given Alice the opportunity to reach for her dream of riding with their kind and caring staff who don’t bat an eye at her limitations. Her horse, KC, is a gentle soul, and Alice has really bonded with him during her weekly riding lessons. And a bonus!—her physical therapist has commented on how much stronger Alice’s core and abdominal muscles are since she began riding at Horses Help. We are so thankful for all Horses Help does for kids like Alice!"


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"What I love about Horses Help is that everyone there is very kind. I love returning every summer because I get to ride the horses and it's so much fun!

I also love all the great activities and challenges that they plan for us every day." - Tyler Feldman, age 9


"Both of our daughters really appreciate how they are partnered with the same horse for the entirety of the summer program week. This allows them to feel very connected to 'their horse' and they still talk about them every day! Horses Help also does a wonderful job of finding other creative ways of connecting children with horses - like bobbing for apples competitions between the kids and horses! We are grateful for this enriching summer opportunity for our children that allows them to connect to animals, problem solve, and be outdoors. We will continue sending them every year!"  


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