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Volunteer Spotlight: Betsy Gildar

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In May 2022, shortly after moving from Ohio, fate brought me to Horses Help. As I left the post office across the street, a sign caught my eye and I felt an inexplicable pull towards the driveway. It might sound cheesy, but I just knew this was where I was meant to be.
As I stepped out of my car and inhaled the familiar scent of a barn, I realized that volunteering here would be the perfect opportunity to bring horses back into my life while also giving back to the community. Nickie greeted me with open arms and put me to work in the garden. Her infectious energy and passion for the organization confirmed that I had stumbled upon something special.
After completing my volunteer training, I began assisting with the EAL class on Monday nights. Watching a reserved young girl transform into a confident leader through her interactions with the horses was a truly magical experience. It made me realize that I wanted to do more and become even more involved.
Recently, I had the opportunity to participate in a three-day PATH Intl. ESMHL certification workshop, and I plan on completing all the requirements to continue serving the people who come to Horses Help seeking the magic of these majestic animals.
But that's not all - I've also had the privilege of volunteering at AZ Cardinals home football games and even the Super Bowl!
What makes Horses Help truly special, though, is the people. They're more than just fellow volunteers or colleagues - they're a family. Their love for horses and dedication to giving back creates an electric energy that's impossible to ignore. From the moment I pulled up that gravel driveway, I knew I was home.

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