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Meet Gwen


We had the privilege of having Gwen's mom share Gwen's story with us:


Gwen is 8 years old, such a good girl and overall, just a joy to be around. 


I did notice things were a tad “off” the last couple years and becoming progressively more concerning. Gwen struggles with very unrealistic fears. She is scared of a lot of things and talks herself into a lot of things that are not realistic.  


She has a very hard time making decisions, and everything needs to make sense for her. Concentrating is extremely hard for her and her emotions tend to get in the way. She was recently diagnosed with Autism and ADHD.



If a plan changes, she needs to know why, where, who is going to be coming, who is not going to be coming. We have struggled in many areas as far as making

decisions, when things don’t make sense

in her little world, we can sometimes lay here for hours, four or five. We have a hard time starting schoolwork, and if it does not make sense, or if it’s not explained then the whole world shuts down. 


Her shutting down to complete silence has been very hard to navigate around. Whether it’s academically, emotionally, or relationally with friends and family. Gwen tends to only be with one friend at a time or by herself. 


Not only has she told me that the instruction at Horses Help is her favorite thing to do, I can see it and  feel it. She hurt her wrist on her scooter yesterday, and the first thing she said was “What about Thursday? Am I gonna be able to go? “ 


Watching her get ready to go to her horse class, even pick out jeans, has been a blessing. Gwen does not wear jeans. She has huge sensory issues and everything has to feel just right.  


I see the way she feels when her instruction is over. I see how excited she gets to when it's time to get ready to go. This is something I have had on my heart for a long time, and I see that it is very calming to her. 


Gwen is in a homeschool group and she gave her presentation on her Horses Help class. She was so excited to share about her experiences and the things that she’s learning. I’m also seeing her absorb information that she typically does not. I’m seeing her pay attention where she historically did not. Mostly, I just see her eyes light up. I see how happy she gets to know if she gets to see the horse every week. She isn’t scared out there. She feels confident and calm and it’s something I haven't seen in a long time.   


We are very blessed. Thank you! 

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