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Meet Douglas

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"Hi everyone! My name is Douglas Kenney. I'm a YouTube star and best-selling author living in a suburb near Scottsdale, Arizona. I run the popular YouTube channel, "R-U Relentless and Unstoppable?" where myself and my good friend and mentor Andy McPhee speak to people on their journeys. We are staunch supporters of Equine Therapy and we've brought tons of people onto our channel who have overcome struggles through equine work.

I, myself, am on the autism spectrum along with Bipolar II. Because of my circumstances, I sometimes deal with depression and anxiety. So, I sought myself help. Thanks to previous R&U guest Regan Mays, I connected with Horses Help and I did 6 weeks of equine work. It was a lot of fun. The horse I worked with is named Joey, and he was really funny and cute. He looked almost like a pirate - with his braided hair and beard. I gained a lot of confidence in myself, and I really appreciate the work that Horses Help do with helping others.

Thanks to my friend Brendan Monk for his work in saving the Brumbies out in Australia, and thanks to Regan for connecting me with them, and thanks to Tutti for being a fun therapist. I will be returning soon to do more equine work once it's my turn again."  

Douglas Kenney w Andy McPhee

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