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Volunteer Spotlight

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"Retiring during the peak of COVID was bad timing on my part with most everything closed, meaning few activities available to facilitate the retirement transition. After a few months of tackling Arizona’s hiking and biking trails, it was time to look for a more productive routine. Motivated by close friends in the special education field, having some experience with youth-centered programs myself, and the desire for physical activity, I found Horses Help on the internet and took the leap. After 2-plus years, I haven’t looked back!

First, I checked the box on physical activity, starting as a Barn Buddy. Better than paying for a fitness club membership, way less frustrating than playing golf, and feeling like I accomplish something every day I spend in the barn.

I grew into the Side-walking and Coaching roles, taking motivation from the relationships I witnessed from several HH volunteers and staff.

It’s amazing to make the connections with the kids, watching and being a part of our riders' progress.  An unexpected bonus is the opportunity to volunteer at special functions my wife and I would attend anyway, like the art shows, wine festivals, horse shows, and more.

Working alongside the passionate volunteers and staff of Horses Help, who have done this much longer than I have, has been, and continues to be . . . amazing!"


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